Welcome Back Fellow Harp Enthusiasts!

As you may know I stopped producing amps for a while so I could focus on some health issues. I am better!  I’ve been doing some custom work for the past few years and I am ready to begin producing Sonny Jr amps again.

The new model Super Cruncher is improved, and has even more tonal options which I can explain to any existing owners. From rocker to crisp projection, every range of tone in the Chicago style is inside the amp. It is a true extension of every player — you pull out what you feel at any given time. Sugar Ray Norcia, who has been using his Super Sonny for the past 11 years, is the most recent SC owner and is working with these tones and settings. John Nemeth recorded his great, must-have CD “Blues Live” with the Super Cruncher, the best live recording I’ve heard with one of my amps. Charlie Musselwhite calls Sonny Jr. Amps, of which he owns three, the Rolls Royce of amplifiers; a great compliment from one of the most highly decorated harp players of our era. Thanks to Mark Hummel, Pierre Lacocque, Westside Andy, Gary Smith, Andy Santana and Greg Heumann for their continued use of my amps along with many other top pros around the world. Thank you to all who love the amplified Chicago sound around the world who own one of my amps for the pure joy of how it feels to get “That Sound” and grow with the amp.

I am also building the famed Avenger and Super Sonny  amps. When you need maximum power, projection, harp-friendly feedback characteristics and simply outstanding tone these amps are legendary. No amp has such great tone over a wide range of volume settings as the Avenger. And the 4 10” speaker configuration of the Super Sonny give that huge, warm classic ’59 Bassman tone, helping beginners to pros sound their best.

I am in the design phase of what I hope to be the most revolutionary amp to date which will combine everything I have learned from all previous models in one amp with switchable tones and easy speaker swapping possibilities. I am seriously thinking of building a combo two piece unit for those of us with bad backs that still want the big sound you only get from pushing big air, or just don’t want to carry a 53+ pound amp. Please ;let me know if you would prefer a once piece amp or a combo.

As always I will use only the finest parts built right here in the USA. From Heyboer transformers, Weber hand built speakers, finger jointed pine cabinets with the most exquisite finish in the industry, to the USA NOS paper in oil tone capacitors only found in Sonny Jr. Harp Amps – every component will be hand selected for tone, tone, tone. I bought out virtually the world supply of these capacitors after doing extensive research in 2000. I continue to use NOS USA preamp tubes at no extra cost to you.

I also continue to sell the hot as rockets, custom tweaked CM elements that have the low end of a CR and crispness of a CM, loaded in the nice gripping Turner shells with fin ground down halfway so it’s not obtrusive. With over 25 years of mic sales worldwide these work perfectly with my amps.  For custom hand crafted wood shells and many other custom mic items contact Greg Heumann at greg@blowsmeaway.com. For element repair and tweaking contact another great friend, Dave Wren at asktechnobird@gmail.com. Both have been great assets during this journey. My other friend Chuck Gurney is soon to start his repair business back up, check his site to see when that happens.

Please contact me at Sonnytone@aol.com or 203-230-8839 before 9PM EST for more information about pricing and lead times. I am not trying to build the most amps, just the best. I am the only one you will ever speak to from our initial conversation or email to customer support for as long as you own your amp.


Sonny Jr.

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